Book Your Blow-Out

To minimize the risk of freeze damage to your sprinklers, you'll need to blow out your sprinkler system. Due to the potential dangers involved with winterization, it is best to call a professional. Don't get left in the cold, book your spot now through our online booking system. Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email with your booking and Trever will add you to his list.

Prior to our arrival to blow out and winterize sprinkler systems, we provide our customers with the following check list: Completely turn off the water source to your sprinkler system; Turn the sprinkler system controller to the 'Off' position; After we have blown out the underground sprinklers, the line from the outside of the house to the water source can be drained by the property owner. This step is only applicable if there is a drain port on the valves associated with the irrigation system.

Sprinkler Blow-Out & Winterization Check List